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Automotive Machine Shop Services Offered by Performance Automotive
Machine Shop Servives  

In House Offered By Performance Automotive


Clean Head Magnaflux Heads  
Surface Heads Lawnmower Valve Job
Pressure Test OHC Valve Job 
Install Valve Guides DOHC Multi Valve Valve Job
Install Seats 4-6-8 Cylinder Valve Jobs
Cut Valve Seats 4-6 Cylinder Tractor Valve Jobs
Set Spring Heights Competiton Valve Jobs
Machine for Springs Angle Mill Heads
Install Screw In Studs Cut for PC Seals
Port Work CC Chambers  
O Ring Heads Reface Valves
Flow Check Heads


Clean Blocks
Bore & Hone
Check Align Bore
Align Hone Mains
Align Hone Cam Bores
Fill Block
Surface Block
Magnaflux Block
Install Sleeve
Install Cam Bearings
Pressure Test 
Sonic TestInstall 4 Bolt Mains
Notch Block
O-Ring Block
Install Lifter Bushings
Install Plugs (Galley, Oil, Freeze, Deck)
Assemble Short Block
Assemble Complete Engine
Disassemble Engine
Spray Wash


Clean Rods Clean Pistons  
Recondition Fly Cut
Install Rod Bushing Press Pistons Off/On
Pin Fit  
Polish Rod Beams


Grind Straighten 
Polish Cross Drill Oil Holes
Chamfer Weld
Magnaflux Cut Key Way
Engine Balancing Heavy Metal Installed  


Surface Flywheel Clean Manifold
R & R Flywheel Ring Gear Surface Manifold
Recurve Distributor 
Pressure Test Manifold
Degree Cam Press Bearings

Rottler F69A Machining Center 
Precision Block Blueprinting 
Precision Blueprint Block Boring 
Precision Torque Plate Honing 
Domestic & Import Block Sleeving 
AEBS Sleeve Installation 
Darton Sleeve Installation 
True Block Squaring and Decking 
Connecting Rod Reconditioning 
Main Bore Align Honing 
Main Bore Align Boring 
4-Bolt Main Cap Conversions 
Main Cap Doweling and Strapping 
Converting Ford FE Blocks to Cross Bolted Mains 
Oil Pan Rail Resurfacing 
Stroker Clearancing
​Installing Lifter Bore Bushings 
Lifter Bore Angle Correction & Enlarging 
Lifter Bore Enlarging, .875" or .904" 
Lifter Bore Bushings Installed 
Cross Drilling Crankshaft 
Block O-Ringing 
Cylinder Head O-Ringing 
Block End Truing 
Multi Angle Valve Jobs Foreign, Domestic, Diesel & Race 

CNC Engine Block Blueprinting
Lifter Bore Sleeving & Correction
Engine Block Decking & Squaring
Lifter Bore Repair
Deck Squaring
Engine Block Cylinder Honing Motorcyle Cylinder Honing
Torque Plate Hone
Engine Block Cylinder Boring & Sleeving Motorcycle Cylinder Boring
Cyinder Boring
CNC Engine Block Line Boring Right Angle Drive Line Boring No Bar Sag
Line Boring
Engine Block Line Honing
Line Honing
Roller Bearing Conversion
Cam Boring
Darton Sleelves Darton Sleeve Installation
Darton Sleeving
Cylinder Head Rebuilding Perforrmance Valve Jobs
Cylinder Head Surfacing Angle Milling
Cylinder Head Pressure Testing Automitve & Diesel Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Head Porting & Cylinder Head Flow Testing Superflow
Superflow Engine Dyno Test Facility Engine Dyno Tuning
Magnuflux Crack Inspection
Crankshaft Balancing Service
Connecting Rod Resizing
Valve Job
Cylinder Head Surfacing
Pressure Testing
Flow Testing
Dyno Testing
Crankshaft Balancing
Rod Reconditionng

CNC Engine Block Blueprinting Services